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Wendy Armitage

Beginning her career as a movie theatre concessions worker at the age of 16, Wendy Armitage fell in love with films and is proud to say it is an industry that has afforded her the opportunity to learn and grow immensely over the last 27 years.  Wendy has spent the past 19 years rising through the ranks of the Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group.  She is currently the Senior Vice President of Marketing Clearances and MPAA ratings for Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE).  She is responsible for evaluating all SPE films for submission to the Classification and Ratings Administration (CARA) in order to obtain the target MPAA ratings for their films.  Furthermore, Wendy oversees all marketing clearances worldwide for Sony Pictures feature films ensuring that we are in compliance with guilds, networks, the MPAA and contractual obligations.

Wendy is the Executive Advisor for the OUT@SPE Employee Business Resource Group (EBRG), the SPE affiliate organization, which strives to create an inclusive workplace environment for LGBTQ employees.  Under Wendy’s oversight, SPE has maintained a 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index, a rating that the company would not have received without the vigorous commitment of OUT@SPE.

Wendy is an alumnus of Arizona State University where she graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.  Her degree combined the concentrations of Women & Gender Studies with Film & Media Studies that culminated in a senior project that she authored highlighting the ways in which women’s work is portrayed in mainstream American films, a topic she continues to examine as she looks towards the future of the film industry.

Ashley Arnold

Ashley Arnold is an Owner and Executive Director of ClexaCon, DASH Productions, DASH Photos and Tello Films. With her background in public relations, Ashley perfect person to manage ClexaCon’s guest relations and sponsorships. Ashley is also responsible for the design of ClexaCon’s social media strategy that has propelled the convention to success by leveraging Twitter to build a worldwide base of support for the convention. Ashley was drawn to the convention because of her belief in the need to act to create change. She served 7 years in the military before attending Penn State where she was heavily involved in social outreach initiatives. She continues to be active in social activism and is especially passionate about ending human trafficking.

April Funiestas

April Funiestas is a Corporate Training Events Coordinator within the media and technology industry. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama, she puts her skills in performing arts to use both professionally, in creating entertaining training events, and personally in the form of Fan Videos, connecting with and gaining a large fan base with various fandoms across a wide range of social media. In her spare time she is the AV Coordinator for ClexaCon, filming many of the panels and behind the scenes footage.

Christin Baker

Christin Baker is the President and CEO of Tello Films. She is passionate about providing the LGBT female community with quality entertainment. She is an award-winning director and an Emmy-nominated producer, a member of the Producers Guild of America and the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Jess Harris-DiStefano

Jess Harris-DiStefano is a writer, producer, and currently oversees Creator and Diversity Programming at YouTube Spaces. Prior to YouTube, she worked with such companies at Nike, Atari, Ubisoft, and also spent time at an internal creative think tank at Google focused on creating innovative digital content on emerging platforms.  Jess holds a BFA in Writing for Television and Film from the school of Cinematic Arts at USC and is an outspoken advocate for positive LGBTQ+ representation in all forms of media.

Danielle Jablonski

Danielle Jablonski is an Owner and Executive Director of ClexaCon, DASH Productions, DASH Photos and Tello Films. Danielle is responsible for coordinating the logistics of the convention and working with venues and vendors to ensure a smooth event. With experience in graphic design and web design she is also responsible for the convention’s graphics and branding. Before joining the ClexaCon team she worked as a Marketing Director at an NYC-based tech company. Prior to that role she founded and was the Executive Director of CRUX Climbing, a 501c3 non profit organization in NYC whose mission is to improve the physical and emotional well-being of members of the LGBT community through sports. She is a graduate of Yale University and studied cello in Australia. She has performed in five countries.

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